Children Bollywood Dance

Bollywood dance Children Course (Saturdays)

3 Courses at different time slots

The Bollywood dance kids course involves a rhythmic dance routine along with bollywood-influenced moves. Some of the moves are a fusion of Indian classical dance. Kids will learn to move with grace and confidence and learn a little about the Indian culture as certain moves will depict the Indian culture. The different variety of music in Bollywood dance also allows kids to develop the appropriate dance attitude thus making them aware of the emotions, posture and attitude required in each dance routine.

Date: 26 Oct – 14 Dec 2019 (8 Sat Mornings)

Course A (Age 5-7) :  9am – 10am
Course B (Age 3-4) :  10am – 10:45am
Course C (Age 7 and above) : 11am -12nn

Medium : English & Cantonese
Dress Code: Comfortable clothes, pants & soft dance shoes
Each Course Fee : HKD2000 / 8 lessons

Early bird Privilege : HKD1920 (complete the enrolment procedures and settle the payment before 16/10/2019)

Join with a friend : Both can get 10% off

Online Enrolment Form:


Instructor : Soni Punjabi, Experienced and talented Bollywood Dance teacher 

  First generation of Bollywood dance teacher in Hong Kong.

▪  Actively promoted Bollywood dance in Hong Kong for 17 years and has a strong qualification.

▪  Invited by W Theatre “小人國2” to be Bollywood Dance Consultant in their Drama

▪  Professional and Experienced Bollywood Dance teacher who learns different style of Indian dance from various professional Instructors in Bombay, India (the heart of “Bollywood”) and London

▪  Interviewed by Metro Radio “越學越強” program about learning Bollywood Dance in Hong Kong.


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