Tango at Home

Heat up your love life and enjoy life with your honey. Stay safe! Let’s Tango at home.


Online Argentine Tango Beginner Course for Couples  (Elegant · Intimate · Passionate)


You definitely can achieve: (in 2 x 1.5 hours)

1. Dance Argentine Tango with your partner

2. Spend quality and romantic time with your partner (getting close & hold each other)

3. Build a new hobby with your partner (passionate and have fun)

Nice system for online class for you to enjoy tango at home. Easy to learn!!! No experience needed.

Only Small space is required for dancing Argentine Tango. We dance close together.


What you need to do now? 

– Enrol Now and let us know your available time slots!! 

– You can choose our provided time slots in the form or suggest your preference time slots. 

– NO NEED to PAY before we confirm the lesson schedule with you.



1. Fill in the google form and submit

2. Be patient, give us some time to arrange for you and wait for our class confirmation. (2 couples will be the 

minimum number of participants in a class)

3. Invite another couple to join the class with you to get an extra discount.


Course Fee: HKD600 for a couple (Original Price HKD1200)

🎉Get more discount: Invite another couple to join together with you, you can enjoy a HKD100 discount.

Medium: Cantonese &/or English

Online Course via Zoom app

Fill in the form now: https://forms.gle/Fth3kU5HXfBWLXZSA

Discount offer until: 30 Sep 2020

Enquiry: Whatsapp +852 98018889 Candy Sze (Click Candy Sze for direct contact via whatsapp)