Dance Studio Rental Regulations

Booking Policy

  • No other form of activities should be conducted other than the stated purpose of the booking unless approved by Trio Spin Studio & Productions Ltd (“Trio Spin”). The calculation of studio rental is based on the purpose and duration of booking. Please refer to “Studio Rental” for more information. No photo-taking or video recording is allowed without the prior approval of Trio Spin.
  • Sublease is not allowed.
  • Trio Spin will process booking applications on a first pay, first served basis. Verbal reservation does not constitute a valid booking.
  • Full payment should be settled before the payment date which stated in the confirmation email sent by Trio Spin Studio. If the Studio has not received the full payment on the stated date, Studio reserve the right to release the time slot(s) to other hirers based on the first pay first served basis.
  • Trio Spin will accept NO claims whatsoever in connection with any accidents, injuries, loss of valuables incurred directly or indirectly to the hiring groups. The hiring groups / users may consider buying insurance on their own if needed.
  • No activity shall continue beyond the booking hours(s). Hiring groups / users should leave the venue on time.
  • Hiring groups / users should arrive at and vacate the Studio on time. For any delay in vacating the Studio exceeding 5 minutes, HKD200 per hour will be charged and exceeding more than 30 minutes, will treat as 1 hour regular rate. Meanwhile, the users need to be fully responsible for all the financial loss due to the delay. Trio Spin reserves the right to disqualify or cancel any future booking of the relevant hiring groups / users who use the studio beyond the booking schedule without prior approval.
  • Please choose the most appropriate time and date carefully. If the hiring groups / users wish to reschedule their bookings, they should send their requests in writing 7 days before their scheduled booking. Late applications will not be accepted. The hiring groups / users only can reschedule their booking once. No reschedule application will be accepted for rescheduled booking. There will be no refunds given once payment has been made, except for duplicate payments. Trio Spin reserves the right to reject any reschedule request without sound justification.

General Policy

  • Smoking is prohibited in the Studio and in the area of Enterprise Building (the building in which Trio Spin is located).
  • All users must not put any other material on the shoes or on the floor, for example, wax, rosin and/or any kind of powder.
  • All users must wear dancing shoes without nails and without leaving marks on the dancing floor. All other shoes with nails and will leave marks on the dancing floor, for example, flamenco shoes, pointe shoes, tap dance shoes are not allowed in our Studio.
  • All users must protect and maintain all Studio’s facilities, floor, mirror and equipments in a perfect condition. Please report to Trio Spin immediately via whatsapp/email if the incident has been occurred. The users need to take the fully responsibilities for the repair / replacement fee and the loss of Studio in the construction period if the users damage / broken the facilities, floor, mirror and equipments.
  • All the yoga mats should be cleaned and tidy up to the the original place after the class (Alcoholic wet wipes will be provided in the Studio.)
  • The Studio should be kept clean. Otherwise, extra fee will be charged for cleaning.
  • No eating and drinking is allowed unless approved by Trio Spin Studio.
  • The hiring groups / users must switch off all the air-conditioners, water-supply and close all the windows and locked all the door before leaving the Studio. The hiring groups / users will be held fully responsible for the financial loss incurred for their negligence.
  • All equipments provided should be used with care or otherwise the hiring groups / users will be held fully responsible for the compensation of the damaged equipments.
  • Change of Studio’s setup is not allowed.
  • Any kind of illegal activity is prohibited.

Bad Weather & other special cases

  • The booking cannot be rescheduled or refunded due to bad weather or under any other circumstances. Payment will not be refunded.
  • Trio Spin reserves the right to cancel bookings in case of maintenance works in Enterprise Building, the building where Trio Spin is located, or the studio. In the event of such cases, the prepaid rental will be refunded to the hiring groups / users within 1 week from the scheduled booking date. Trio Spin will accept NO claims whatsoever in connection with any financial losses incurred directly or indirectly.
  • If there is a mistake caused by our staff which led to the hiring groups / users cannot use the Studio, Trio Spin will responsible for this liability (the maximum liability is HKD250 per hour).

Covid-19 related

  • The hiring groups / users must strictly follow the COVID-19 prevention policy set out by the Studio and the HKSAR government. Studio reserves the right to terminate all the future booking(s) of the hiring groups / users who have failed to follow the above policy without any refund. The hiring groups / users must be fully responsible for paying all the penalty (penalty for owner, users and participants) charged by the HKSAR government if users are not obeying the law and policy. Meanwhile the Studio reserves the right to claims whatsoever in connection with any financial losses / reputation damage incurred directly or indirectly.
  • The booking cannot be rescheduled or refunded if the government allow activities and events to be held in the Studio under some constraints. If the hiring groups / user choose to cancel their event as their own choice, Studio will not refund / reschedule the booking payment.
  • The booking can reschedule one (1) time if the HKSAR government require a temporary closure in the dance studio during the COVID-19 period.
  • Trio Spin’s staff may request the hiring groups / users who do not obey all the above regulations/policies to leave the Studio and the rental paid will not be refunded.
  • Trio Spin reserves the right to amend the above regulations/policies without prior notice. By signing / submitting the booking form, the hiring groups / users declared that they totally agree to and understand all the regulations/policies listed in our website.
  • Notes:  Trio Spin: Trio Spin Studio & Productions Ltd.
    Studio: Rm 504-505, Enterprise Building, 228-238 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, HK