Candy & Anita

Candy & Anita Sze

Candy & Anita Sze

Candy and Anita Sze are sisters who dance Tango together. They are an unique couple, not just because there are seldom to have ladies tango pair in the world. In fact their own background enrich and create their tango dance with Style and Musicality.
Candy has professional qualification in music teaching . She is best-known in teaching musicality in tango.

Anita’s strong dance background has given her an unique and open-minded perspective on connection and body movement. Anita is now the only lady who teach and perform as the leader role in Hong Kong.

They have been invited to be the Tango instructor of Tango Master Class for Hong Kong Dance Festival 2006 which organized by Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) and Universities in Hong Kong.

They have been interviewed by TVB Pearl (Dolce Vita) to introduce and demonstrate Tango Argentino to the audiences.

TVB Dolce Vita

They are the Tango Argentino Consultant of “SOHO TANGO”, a TV program produced by RTHK.

They were called to dance in “Hong Kong City Hall”, “Hong Kong Fringe Club” & ” Shatin City Hall” together with local dancers, vocal singers & orchestras.

Candy & Anita’s Video: