Jasmine Princess Bollywood Dance Course

Let your child enjoy her dream of being a princess and dance to the magical tunes of Bollywood! 

Course highlights:
1. Certificate will be provided to each participant upon completion of the course
2. Dance Video will be recorded on the last lesson

About the Course: 

Put on your favorite princess outfits and dance to the rhythmic Bollywood tunes! 
Children will learn hand and body coordination. They will learn how to dance with confidence and grace.”
Experience the energized, romantic and unrestrained of Bollywood Dance

Course Information:  

Date and Time:    Every Monday 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Age: 5-8
No of lessons:   6 lessons
Dress Code: Jasmine Princess Costume
Venue   :   Trio Spin Studio
Course Fee :   HKD1440 per child
Early Bird    :   HKD1380 per child (enroll before 17/09/2021) 

Instructor: Soni Punjabi, Experienced and talented Bollywood Dance teacher 


  1. Please fill in the form https://forms.gle/fiNBwjLBuS8trRW49
  2. Please bank transfer the course fee to “Bank of China”012-888-10267986″ “Trio Spin Studio & Productions Limited”. Then email or whatsapp the bank receipt to us in 3 days after sending out the enrolment form.

Name of Bank: Bank of China (Hong Kong)
Account No.: 012-888-10267986
Account Name: Trio Spin Studio & Productions Ltd.
Email: info@triospin.com
Whatsapp: +852 98018889

*Please note only Cash or ATM bank transfer will be accepted. We do not accept online bank transfer. Sorry about that.

More information regarding class registration, please refer our Registration page

Registration and enquiries:  Whatsapp +852 98018889 Candy Sze (Click Candy Sze for direct contact)

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