Trio Spin Studio is a place for people with passion in music and dancing. We were established in 2002, we hope to gather a variety of artists to fulfill our dream in this place.

In these 18 years, we have organized many music and dancing courses for different age groups of learners. We dedicate ourselves to develop a whole new generation of musicians by allowing the children to grow happily in the music journey. Moreover, the students can show their talents in our performances. We also have workshops for the parents to obtain skills in children’s training. There are different types of instrumental and musical courses for adults to raise their musical level.

Furthermore, we bring in different dances with their particular cultural characteristics, such as: Flamenco (Spain), Bollywood Dance (India), Tango Argentino (Argentina), Salsa, Belly Dance etc. These dances gradually open a new trend in Hong Kong.

Every year, we hold multiply workshops of different dances with professional dancers. Our teachers and advanced level students also get advanced techniques in foreign countries. The connection of art and life.

In the future, we hope to bring art into your lifestyle. We will hold varieties of activities. Last but not least, through our web-site and newsletters, we will continue to bring you more information and updated news from us.