Rotarian – Rotary Club of Elite Orient

Congratulations to Anita Sze, our co-founder, to be one of the Rotarians of Rotary Club of Elite Orient.

“Serve to change lives” is the Rotary theme for 2021-22. Rotary members around the globe are serving humanity by providing clean water to underdeveloped communities, promoting peace in conflict areas, strengthening communities through basic education and literacy, and working to eradicate polio worldwide.  All of this brings a global perspective to Rotarians as they seek to make a difference for good by serving in their own local community wherever that is in the world.

Responsibility begins with each person and then extends to working with individuals, groups, communities and the world. Trio Spin Studio, Candy and Anita Sze would like to extend the social responsibility to our warmest Trio Spin community, by using dance and music, all our favourite art forms as a tool to serve and connect to the people who are in need. 

P.S. Thank you very much to DG Keith Chow, CP Amy Yeung, IPP Glenn Wu, P Johnson Leung,
Services Director Vincent Kwok and all members of Rotary Club of Elite Orient.