Stretching Class

Stretching Class 

In order to share love and health in this difficult time, we have specially organized this course, wishing every one of you has a chance to relax your physical body as well as mentally. Let’s smile and move on.

Benefit of the class: 

  • Improve the blood flow and immune system
  • Relax the body and relieve pain
  • Improve your body health and flexibility
  • Strengthen your body & joints
  • Improve sleeping quality
  • Feel relax both physically and mentally

Instructor: Mr. Lam

  • More than 10 years teaching experience
  • Champion of professional Latin dance competition in Hong Kong
  • Achieved the highest level of professional Latin dance instructor qualification (N.A.T.D. – National Association of Teachers of Dancing)
  • Qualified stretching instructor (Hong Kong Stretching Exercise Association)

Mr Lam is a dance and stretching instructor with rich experience, especially in teaching the body movement and pain relief.

Date: Every Wednesday 
Time: 9pm to 10pm (on Zoom) 
What you need to prepare for the class: a yoga mat, towel (which can wipe the back) / elastic band (2 meters long) and a tennis / massage ball

Invite your friends to join together with you and get a privilege discount. Spread the information out, invite friends to stretch out together, and be healthy together.

Registration and enquiries:  Whatsapp +852 98018889 Candy Sze (Click Candy Sze for direct contact)

Perseverance and continuous study stretching will bring the effect is more significant. Feel the deep relaxation of your body